Booklet printing

We are your London-based specialists for all booklet printing services, with fast, unbeatable value and hassle-free service.
With a range of binding options to suit your needs, in both landscape or portrait forms, we provide a bespoke service tailored to your requirements.

Booklets binding methods

Here are just some of the methods we use to bind your booklets:

The saddle stitching method

saddle stitched booklet london
Also known as stapled booklets, these involve securing either folded, loose or nested pages, with stitching or staples down the spine. It is a very popular and time proven method for anyone looking to create booklets, programs, workbooks or other types of publication

The wire binding method

wire binding booklets
Wire binding (also referred to as ‘Wiro’) is another popular method of binding booklets, as the content lays flat when opened, and can easily be opened and closed frequently, with pages torn out conveniently, if needed. This method is well suited for booklets used in education and busy work places.

The perfect binding method

perfect bound booklets
Perfect binding uses a strong and robust thermal glue to attach the booklet cover and the pages. It is a method that works very well across a range of booklets, catalogues and manuals, and, from a minimum of around 3mm in thickness; is well suited to a broad range of sizes and page counts.

Hardback booklet services

hardcover booklet printing
Hardback booklets can convey a sense of style or authority, as well as offering a durable and practical solution. The pages are arranged and then sewn together before attaching the hard covers.
From there we can cover them with leather or cloth, even adding foil stamps or embossed graphics, creating a premium feel. Instead you might want a dust jacket, enabling a more detailed printed cover.

Booklet finishing methods

Here are just some of the methods we use to finish your booklets:

Matt-style laminated booklet coverings

matt lamination cover booklet
A matt laminated cover greatly improves durability, and acts as a barrier to dirt, liquids and grease. Increasing the life of your booklet and helping it to look better, for longer.

Gloss-style laminated booklet coverings

gloss laminated cover booklet
Gloss laminated coverings shine with quality, giving a more vivid and striking feel, reflecting light and giving depth to darker artwork shades.

The foil blocking method for booklets

foil blocking booklet cover
Foil blocking is an eye-catching way to enhance the way your booklet looks and feels, and creates the ultimate premium effect.

The debossing or embossing method

booklet cover emboss deboss
Both debossing and embossing create a powerful effect, adding impact, and eye-catching relief to your booklets.

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