Glass manifestations

Manifestion is used for privacy, decoration, safety and to reinforce corporate branding. Glass manifestation is a requirement of building regulations. As there is an obligation to do something, why not do something imaginative?

Glass manifestations is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional sandblasting and screen printing, glass manifestation films are applied on site by our specialist installers, quickly transforming the look and feel of internal spaces.

Office manifestations

glass manifestations vinyl
We are specialists in supplying and installing office glass manifestation, window enhancements and glass identification, materials which are sometimes referred to as retail displays or frosted window films.

Office window manifestation can also improve the security or privacy of your workplace. You also have the option to stop injuries if the glass is smashed as widow manifestation will minimise glass shattering and in some cases.

Frosted glass

frosted glass shop film
Frosted window film is a multi-purpose product, suitable for use in a range of situations. Providing your glazing with a traditional frosted, sand-blasted effect, this high quality film provides a range of cost effective, functional and decorative opportunities.

An application of frosted window film will immediately transform glazing, giving it the appearance of frosted glass without the need for costly window replacements.

Privacy films

The film is an ideal alternative to blinds or curtains which when drawn block the view both ways, whilst also making rooms dark. Privacy window film is designed to allow good light transmission, ensuring that a good level of natural light is allowed to enter the room whilst also maintaining a view. Unlike blinds and curtains, window film is also easy to clean – it can simply be wiped down with household cleaning products.

Full colour printed glass film

glass manifestations printing
High definition, full colour graphics can be applied to your glass creating stunning effects and almost limitless design possibilities.

Our film materials comply for safety, providing shatter proof, explosion, impact and graffiti protection options. It also reduces UV by 98% while maintaining natural light, creating better working environments.

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